Dates & Times:
August 23rd - 26th

The CBCA Championship Sheepdog Trials


An incredible 4-day event beginning August 23, 2018 will be held just outside of Medicine Hat in the beautiful Cypress Hills region.  The Canadian Border Collie Association Championship Sheepdog Trials will attract top handlers and dogs from across Canada and from the United States as they compete for the Canadian Championship title.   The competition is restricted to border collies registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association.

The Championship will showcase the incredible instinct, athleticism and intelligence of the working border collie in partnership with its handler as they guide a group of sheep to complete a variety of tasks.   The large field course is designed to reflect the everyday work a border collie does to assist ranchers at home and is a spectacular event to watch.

On August 23rd, the Nursery dogs will compete for the Canadian Nursery Title.   The Nursery competition is restricted to those dogs under 3 years of age. On August 24th and 25th the Open competition begins with the preliminary qualifying rounds.  Approximately 70+ dogs will compete on each day with the top 12 dogs and handlers going on to compete in the Double Lift Final on August 26th.

The event is a fantastic opportunity for people to photograph dogs, sheep, horses and people within the spectacular Cypress Hills landscape.  Families and spectators are invited to bring their lawn chairs and picnic baskets and to come out and enjoy the great outdoors!

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