Breweries Tour

The lure of craft beer tasting and touring has been a growing interest among travellers young and old, male and female. Appreciating the differences in flavour between a pilsner and a lager, learning the methods used to create a hearty  stout versus a pale ale, how a beer tastes depending on the glass it’s served in. Then on to a local pub to try full glasses of the beer you just tasted accompanied by a food menu that is more than a few steps above what you might expect.

So come with us and visit three of our local craft breweries and raise a few glasses to the beverage that has been the center-pieces of backyard BBQ parties, friday afterwork gatherings and the go-to beverage of socializing of all kinds the world over.

The Tour Includes

4-flight taster & guided tour at Hells Basement Brewery

4-flight taster & guided tour at Medicine Hat Brew Co

4-flight taster & guided tour at Travois Ale Works

Finish the evening at Industry Pub

$33 CAD per person

Special group packages/rates available upon request. Tour participants must be 18 and over. Transportation can also be provided for an additional fee.

Book your craft brew fueled Tour! 

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