Camp At Home

Posted on : Tuesday, May 05, 2020


This May Long Weekend, Lets Camp At Home

WHO You, and yours

WHAT Social Distance Camping At Your Home
WHEN May Long Weekend
WHERE         Your house, inside or out
WHY Because May Long Weekend is for camping, even right now, with social distancing… lets camp at home now, and dream about going camping once they open up!

May Long in Canada is when the camping season begins. That's not easy right now. So we are inviting you to camp at home and share it with us! Camp in a fort in your living room, your tent in the backyard, the camper on the driveway, or however you camp. 

Camp at Home with these 5 easy steps;

  1. Where will you camp this May Long? Inside or outside?

  2. What will you call your campground? Feel free to be creative

  3. Download and fill out the Self-Registration form to be entered to win 2 great prize packs!

  4. Start dreaming about what you will eat and drink when you camp. Be sure to Show and Tell us with some pictures and comments online. (who knows, we might even use some of your suggestions as contents in the prize packs we are giving away!)

  5. Camping on May Long weekend, eat your camp classics, and sleep at home!

  6. Bonus step, share with us online! We would love to know you are Camping at Home.

Download this self-registration form and fill in all the details. Name your campground - maybe its named after your favourite real campground that you can’t wait to enjoy, when it is safe to do so. It could also be a clever name based on your last name and favorite camping term, or anything else that feels like it fits!

So plan yourself an epic & creative camping experience in your own home or yard. 

How long will you camp for? All of May Long Weekend, just one night, longer maybe. It’s up to you, because it’s your house. 

Once you have your campsite ready, share it & tag @TourismMedicineHat on instagram, facebook or twitter to be entered into a draw to win 1 of 2 prize packs.

One of the prize packs will be drawn for on Friday Morning. This pack will contain things to make your weekend great. Snacks, and swag to get you ready to camp! So to win that one, make sure you tag us in your #CampAtHome posts prior to May Long Weekend. All the set-up and your self-registration card!

Prize pack #2 will be drawn on Monday, and will be filled with things to make your next camping trip awesome. So make sure to tag us in posts all throughout the weekend to get your name in the draw! We can’t wait to see your campsites (and camp food too!).