5 Things to Do on a Snow Day in the Cypress Hills

Posted on : Saturday, December 12, 2020


The Cypress Hills are a Southeastern Alberta winter wonderland. This unique forested area rises 600 metres above the surrounding prairie landscape, and because of that, experiences different conditions then Medicine Hat, just 45 minutes away. Make the Cypress Hills part of your winter plans this year!


The Cypress Hills are the perfect place to go tobogganing! Bring your own toboggan, and helmets are recommended. There is a toboggan hill south of Hidden Valley Ski Resort on Highway 41 and a great hill in front of the Learning Centre (located across from the Marina). The toboggan hill by the Learning Centre also has a large Luge track for you to zoom down for some adrenaline pumping fun! There is a gear box, where you can borrow one of the park's special saucers (they work the best!).


Cross Country Skiing

The Cypress Hills have kilometres of tracked ski trails in the Spring Creek Trail system! So bring your ski’s and enjoy a day on the trails! If you need a pair they also rent them at the Visitor Centre for half-day or full-day rates.


Head out to the hills for a snowshoe! It's a great way to spend a snow day. Get all bundled up and tromp through the snow up a trail into the serene forest - its unlike any other experience! When you are out in the hills, you have a chance to see different animal tracks, hear lots of animal sounds, and maybe you'll even spot something too! Rentals are available at the Visitor Centre for half-day and full-day rates.

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

This one can’t be beat! Explore a mix of gentler beginner slopes to the more challenging black diamond runs. It’ll undoubtedly be a day of wintery fun! Open Wednesday to Sunday all through the winter!  Check the Hidden Valley Resort Website for updates on their Covid-19 protocols or procedures. 



There are a few great places to skate out in Elkwater. First is at the Outdoor Rink - with high boards, and being lit up into the evening this is a great spot for some shinny, or just leisurely skating around. Next is the Old Baldy Skating Trail. Glide through the trees on this fun little loop. Want to get out, but don’t have a pair of skates? The Visitor Centre in Elkwater rents them! So stop by, grab a pair, and go for a glide!

Honourable Mentions!
A few more things that might interest you for those snowy winter days out in the Cypress Hills include ice fishing! The Cypress Hills have 3 lakes that allow for Ice Fishing. Head out for a day on the lake, see rules & regulations here. You are also welcome to use the different campsites in Elkwater to have a campfire. Buy wood at the Visitor Centre and then have a nice winter fire out in the woods! Last but not least is rental Kicksleds! Travel with a pal on the front and kick your way along the lake trails or flatter areas around the park. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should!

Know before you go - Alberta Parks Response to COVID-19