Medicine Hat Sport and Event Council

Promotions & Marketing

Promotions and Marketing Committee

The Promotions and Marketing Committee is responsible for supporting the promotions and marketing of the Council and Medicine Hat as a host. They are responsible for the awareness of the Council itself to sport and event organizations, businesses, media, provincial and national organizations, and all levels of government. They are also responsible for assisting sport and event organizations with promotions and marketing initiatives.

Their functions are as follows:

1. Actively promote the benefits of Medicine Hat and the Medicine Hat Sport and Event Council

2. Build and maintain a marketing and communication plan for the MHSEC

3. Promote the MHSEC and community events through social media and the MHSEC website

4. Coordinate, communicate and promote current, new and larger events in partnership with local sport and event, provincial and national organizations

5. Encourage and develop community partnerships and relationships among organizations

6. Consult with organizations regarding promoting and marketing specific events in addition to the organizations themselves

7. Marketing Medicine Hat as a host community

8. Actively work with the Bids and Events Committee