Dates & Times:
Tuesday, 24/February/2021; 18:30

Kayak Antarctica Presentation & AGM


Medicine Hat Paddling Club - Annual General Meeting (AGM) - and Kayak Antarctica Adventure Presentation


Our AGM will be virtual, via Zoom, on Tuesday, 23/February/2021 @ 6:30 p.m..


We will have a special guest Speaker this year, taking You on a Kayak Adventure of a Lifetime, around Antarctica.


Antarctica is the world’s last pristine wilderness. Antarctica is wild, moving, and breathtaking. There are no words strong enough to describe the powerful beauty of this continent. All your senses are aroused by the scale and beauty that you will experience in Antarctica. The popping sound of the ice, the blow of the numerous Whales and squawking of the Penguins combine with Icebergs rolling and glaciers avalanching. During this presentation, we will focus on exploring Antarctica by Kayak.


Our presenter is Jean-François (JF); Born and raised in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, JF moved to Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in 2001 to work as a Kayak Guide and learn English. The beauty of the surrounding area and the West Coast lifestyle captivated him, and he chose this place as his new home. JF has taught Kayaking and guiding expeditions full time around the World since 1998.


He is a certified Level 4 Guide, Guide Trainer and Examiner with the SKGABC. He also served as vice-president of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC (SKGABC) for 14 years. He is a certified Level 4 instructor and Level 3 Instructor Trainer, and has a Level 4 Skills certificate with Paddle Canada. JF is one of only three people to ever achieve the highest level of certifications with Paddle Canada and the SKGABC. He owns SKILS, Canada’s leading paddle sports training and consulting business.


JF is a pioneer of Kayak Fishing in Canada. JF is the author of books and training manuals and wrote the Kayak Fishing chapter in John’s Dowd classic book Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring. In December 2020, JF will release 2 revised and expanded books. Kayaking the Broken Group Islands. The Essential Guidebook Third Edition (2020) and Navigation, Sea State and Weather. Freedom of the Seas Volume 1. Second Edition (2020)


He loves to communicate his passion of sea Kayaking and use humour as a teaching tool. JF also enjoys teaching and guiding Kayak Fishing expeditions. If you have never met JF before, it is easy to pick him out of the crowd, as his strong French-Canadian accent cannot hide him for long.


Come on out to our AGM, and enjoy this Kayak Adventure of a Lifetime


Also will take a look at our Paddling Film Film Festival 2021, and be discussing 2021 Paddling Opportunities in Southeastern Alberta. We will also elect our Club Board for 2021.


All are invited to participate.


If You are a non-Club Member, please send the Club an e-Mail or message, and we will send You the Zoom Link. Zoom links will be sent out this weekend.