After a few failed attempts to get my club certified as a not-for-profit association, two executive members of the MHSEC had a 90 minute meeting with me, creating a blueprint for not only my club, but any other to follow. We have now submitted our paperwork, and are waiting on certification now!
- Jason Williams, Medicine Hat Water Polo

The Medicine Hat Sports Council has been a wonderful resource. Kara Brake has been extremely accommodating; helping us secure a venue for our upcoming provincial gymnastics event in April, as well as answering all our questions and putting us in touch with the right people. We have also made use of their resource library on their website. Overall working with them has been a very positive experience!
- Jamie Reid, Salta Gymnastics Club

We were pleased with the enthusiasm to assist the Cypress Hills Adventure Running Society efforts to establish first class running events in our area.
- Rita Pasiciel, Cypress Hills Adventure Running Society

The Medicine Hat Sport and Event Council has increased the City’s ability to connect event organizers with potential venues to host certain events. One example of this is the Alberta Compulsory Championships that will take place in April on the Stampede Grounds. I strongly believe without the involvement of the MHSEC this event may not have come to Medicine Hat. The knowledge that the MHSEC has regarding the City’s resources and capacities for Sport and Event is a huge benefit to anyone in our community who is interested in hosting. They have been able to connect the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede with the Salta Gymnastics Club which I am completely thrilled about. I deal with taking bookings for the Stampede facilities and many times people in our own community have stated to me that they weren’t even aware of all the facilities on the grounds. I am excited that there is a group such as the MHSEC to focus on making these connections and look forward to many more Sports and Events coming to our city.
- Natalie Weir, The Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company Ltd.

The Medicine Hat Sport and Event Council has been great so far. It’s very valuable knowing any questions you have will be answered with enthusiasm. Our groups rely on this much needed support to help spread the word and get more families involved. I am looking forward to growing the Medicine Hat Motorcycle Society. I know I can count on the Medicine Hat Sport and Event Council.
- Jamie McDonald, Medicine Hat Motorcycle Society

In Spring of 2018 a small volunteer committee, normally tasked with assisting in the implementation of the CMH public art policy regarding acquisition and placement of public art, decide with enthusiasm and no small degree of trepidation to put forward our city as the next centre to host the annual Alberta Public Art Network Summit. The committee, with little event planning experience among its members, were quite concerned with how they might actually develop a successful 3 day summit attractive to delegates from around the province. What a relief to this small committee to find such excellent resources and knowledgeable counsel in the MHSEC. Kara and a team of experts met with us early in the process and gave us invaluable advice for forming a strong committee, helped us develop a clear framework for creating a plan and even supplied some template documents to use in our processes. Members of the Council continue to make themselves available any time we have questions around best practice and have helped point us in the right direction when seeking specific resources regarding logistics, such accommodations and transportation for our delegates. We are very excited to showcase our beautiful city to the 50+ delegates who will come here in September and are grateful for those who have done this before – who are willing to share their time, talents and good ideas to ensure our Summit’s success. Well done, MHSEC!
- Barbara Mitchell, Alberta Public Arts Network Summit