Police Point Park

Police Point Park is located along the South Saskatchewan River and has always been important to the First Nations and Indigenous People. The park was known as a safe crossing place for the South Saskatchewan River. It is home to many different plants such as chokecherry bushes and buffalo berries which have been harvested by the First Nations people for many years. Areas like Police Point would have offered sheltered camping with an abundance of firewood available for the First Nations people. 

The area now known as Police Point has important sacred history too. During the winter, an ice free part of the river was regarded as a breathing hole for the water spirits. The distinctive cottonwood trees have had ceremonial uses. Anecdotal sources have said that Police Point Park has also been used historically as a location for tree burials. 

The Old Man Buffalo Stone can be found while you are walking through the park. Inspired by the Manitou Stone, this two-sided sculpture was crafted to be a guardian watching over the buffalo herds.

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