Downtown Murals

These numbers correspond with the pink numbers on the turquoise Downtown Tours map. 

1 - Deer in the City

Another one of Medicine Hat’s original murals, and one of the largest in the city, this piece features young deer, which are native to Southern Alberta. Created by local artist Wendy Struck, this mural has a fitting name. As Medicine Hat’s location in the South Saskatchewan River valley means that deer are a common sight, even in the downtown core. 

2 - Penny Profit

Easily the best and largest example of classic graffiti in Medicine Hat, this mural takes up nearly the entire back wall of the long-standing Penny Profit discount store. The mural depicts a highly stylized graffiti artist spraying graffiti on the walls of Canada’s sunniest city. This was a collaborative effort by Australia-based artist c4m71 and local artist Will Oskam. 

3 - Growing Hope in our Community

The Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter and Station Coffee Company teamed up to promote a feeling of hope with the mural by Sarah Slaughter Art. “Growing Hope in Our Community” is a positive message that is designed as a reminder that no one should have to endure family violence, and there are those who can help. 

4 - Exposure

Southern Alberta-based artist Josh Creighton explores dimensions between composition and complementary color configurations. His art is featured on our cover. 

5 - Somnium (the Face)

Anchored by a piece by Toronto-based Bacon, this wall is another excellent example of classic graffiti. Bacon made a name for himself through his colourful works in lining the streets of Toronto. His Medicine Hat piece, titled Somnium (the Face), brings life to Medicine Hat’s historic Assiniboia Hotel. 

6 - Tunnel Vision

South Railway St. - In 1988, the Winter Olympics were held in the city of Calgary, only 300 kilometres Northwest of Medicine Hat. A legacy project of those Olympics was the World’s Tallest Tepee, which is now on display in Medicine Hat. This mural features an artistic silhouette of the tepee during a particularly bright Medicine Hat summer sunset. This vibrant piece is a combined effort by Will Oskam, Sonz1 and California-based FASM Creative. 

North Railway St. - In a rail town, it’s only fitting that a rail yard separates the city’s downtown in two. To connect the two districts, an underground tunnel was constructed. The bright colours of this abstract, motion-inspired mural invites you to take your journey one step further. There is no wrong side of the tracks here. This piece, titled Tunnel Vision, was completed by artists Will Oskam and Josh Creighton. 

Tunnel Interior - Medicine Hat’s downtown tunnel has been transformed into a showcase for dozens of local graffiti artists, sponsored and vetted by the Medicine Hat-based Pop Up Parks organization. As with all art, it starts underground before emerging for the world to see. 

7 - Asil Petr

This piece was created by Mediah who has nearly 25 years of street art experience, and is represented by Los Angeles-based Can’t Be Stopped, one of the most respected street art labels in the world. Mediah’s work can be found across Canada and the United States, and as far away as Barcelona, Sao Baulo, and Johannesburg.

8 - Vehicle Underpass

One of the most striking murals is also one of the easiest to miss. Mere minutes from the Riverside Veteran’s Memorial Park, this bright, colourful mural was led by street artist Doktoer and Jesse Gouchey, as an homage to missing and murdered Indigenous women. Across Canada, there are hundreds of unsolved cases of murdered or missing Indigenous women where the RCMP say there was no foul play. The mural is a reminder that all life has value, and we must not turn a blind eye to injustice.