Public Art

The aim of public art in any city is to display pieces that are not only pleasing to the eye, but to tell a story about the place they are seen, or to stir a little thoughtful controversy. 

Medicine Hat’s public art does that in a broad range of media and addressing a variety of subjects. Stone, bronze, steel, brick, and stone and painted murals are all represented. 

Medicine Hat is a complex and interesting prairie city that is still close to its early roots and the industries that founded it. Its people and history are depicted traditionally in some of the art while others celebrate the vibrant new energy that we find in our community today. 

These numbers correspond with the gold numbers on the turquoise Downtown Tours map. 

1- Turn Turn Turn (A Resting Place)

Located at the Esplanade at 401-1 St SE. Aluminum and concrete sculpture by Blake Senini (2011). 

2 - Germans from Russia

Also located at the Esplanade at 401-1 St SE. Bronze sculpture by Jim Hauser (2011). 

3 - Day and Night

3 St SE alley at 5 Ave SE, Miywasin Centre. Exterior latex painting by Wendy Struck (2013). 

4 - Reka (River)

Located in BATUS Park at the corner of 2 St SE and 6 Ave SE. Steel and concrete sculpture by J.R. Cooper & R. MacInnis (2012). 

5 - North Railway Exchange

Found at 4 St SE at North Railway St. on the side of MacKenzie Drugs. Painting by YMCA Summer Students (1998).