If you are a “numbers” geo-cacher or just want to increase your finds quickly, then Medicine Hat and area is the place to do just that. There are three power trails and four geo art power trails located just minutes outside of Medicine Hat.

Power Trails Starting in 2010, a group of geocachers in Medicine Hat, Alberta got together and created the Southern Alberta Weekend, or “SAW.” After collecting an enormous amount of film canisters, painting each one, creating, printing and rolling the logs, SAW created their very first power trail in April 2012 (Power Saw), their second power trail in June 2012 (Chain Saw)and a third in August 2012 (Jigsaw).

There are a total of 475 power trail caches and challenge caches which can be found on PowerSaw’ owned caches profile.

Geo-Art Power Trails SAW wanted to really put Medicine Hat on the map, so they created the “SEARCH” geo-art power trail in July 2013. Geo-art is a geocacher favorite and the numbers not only look good on a profile, but the geo-art looks incredible on a map. Next up was the “Rock & Roll” tepee geocache. This is a way of letting visiting geocachers know that Medicine Hat really does have the worlds largest tepee. The “Bear Head” geo-art trail was created in July, 2014 and features the mascot for PowerSaw – a mean-looking, but cuddly Power SawBear.“We are Canadian” geo-art power trail is the newest of the PowerSaw collection. Created in October 2014, it proudly declares their love for Canada. This amazing Canadian Maple Leaf is a “must do” trail.

Don’t forget to check out the final puzzle to achieve your 100 cache finds. Clinton Polec, of SEARCH (Southeast Alberta Region Cache Hunters), says his favourite type of geocache is the puzzle cache. For example, there are 49 caches called Rock [and] Roll hidden around Saamis Teepee, a Medicine Hat landmark, and the first in these ries is a puzzle cache. For this particular puzzle, the coordinates on the website are in another language, so users must translate the numbers into English before they can use them to locate the cache. “It’s kind of a gamewithin the game,” he explains. August 15 & 16, 2015 will be SEARCH’s 5thAnnual SAW, a social event that attracts geocachers from far and wide.