Skateboard Parks

Medicine Hat is home to two wonderful skate parks. One outdoor and filled with obstacles and fun for an experienced skater all the way to a beginner! The other is an indoor skate park, with a few ramps and some bars to grind there is lots to keep all skateboarders entertained.

The northern edge of Kin Coulee park hosts Medicine Hat’s outdoor skateboarding facility. Formerly known as the Inland Skatepark, a $650 000 addition was constructed in 2013, and the park was renamed Kinsmen Skate Plaza. The older portion of the facility is an integration of transitional banks and quarter-pipes with street-inspired ledges and stairs. The newer portion was designed as a plaza to replicate modern public infrastructure. The contracted park builders, Newline Skateparks, chose an aesthetic that integrates the history of Medicine Hat. One of the obstacles is shaped like an early 20th-century gas-powered street lamp; red brick was used as an homage to the brick industry that once flourished in our town due to the IXL factory. On the east end of the plaza, a bowl was constructed with a shallow end of 5 feet and a deep end at 8'6". Every summer on Canada Day, the site is home to one of the countries largest skateboarding competitions, aptly named "Beat the Heat" organized by the local skateboard community via the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association.   Skaters travel from all provinces to enjoy this state-of-the-art facility.   The Association also hosts after-school programs called SkateSkool at the Kinsmen Skate Plaza in the spring and fall.  Teenage instructors provide skateboard skills, etiquette and safety instruction to younger skateboarders.

The Summit Art & Sport Center exists to provide year-round facilities and programs to allow skaters, dancers, photographers, musicians and more to learn and grow their craft. Our facilities include an indoor skatepark, dance studiomusic studio, indoor photo shoot settings, and event rental space. Located at 2-221 North Railway St. SE. 

You can learn more about all of our facilities, programs, rates and hours at

Skateboards and scooters are welcome, we are not yet able to accommodate bikes but hope to grow to include them in the future. The indoor skateboard park is geared towards all skill levels from kids who are just starting to experienced riders, and includes:
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4 and a 1/2 foot quarter pipes
  • Multiple mellow banks
  • 2 long flat ledges
  • 1 manual pad
  • 1 small round down rail and bank to rail
  • 1 medium size square down rail and bank to rail
  • 2 hubba ledges
  • A foyer with tables and chairs, and large windows into park for parents and spectators
  • Beverages available for purchase

  • Drop in - $10/day
  • Punchcard - $75/ten sessions
  • Month membership - $50/month
  • Year membership (Explorer) - $350/year
  • Year membership (Pioneer) - $500/year
  • Private skate session - $50/two hours