Escape Rooms

Mystery buffs get ready to try to escape the room or crack the code. Medicine Hat has three unique escape rooms ready to challenge you in all different ways. Try them out, if you fail you will just have to try another one!

Mr.E's Solve-it-torium

Follow Mr.E, Mrs. Cape and Monsieur E. Ville through their adventures!! You'll have 45 minutes to find clues, complete puzzles and work together to solve, steal, or sometimes, escape!!

Hostage Escape Room

The terrorist lab is filled with items and clues that must be organized to Strategize your escape. Your team will have to employ strong communication skills and organize your clues, codes, and riddles under pressure.

Countdown Adventures

Grab your friends, and get ready for an adventure! Experience a real-life quest to overcome puzzles and free your team within the time limit. Each room has a different theme and story, with puzzles that test your searching, logic, math, and teamwork skills.
Do it for entertainment, a challenge, a contest, or as a team-building exercise. If you want a unique and exciting experience, book your escape now!

The Clued Inn

Picture yourself in a Cabin in the Woods, a Haunted Hotel Room or a Candy Caper. You're stuck. You need to escape. Put together a team of 4-8 people to work together and escape these creepy rooms!!