Breweries & Distilleries

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

In 1912, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company began serving old fashioned lager, ale and stout to our city’s early, thirsty residents. It’s hot and dry here and we all know how a good beer can cool you off after a hard day’s work. When the Temperance Movement picked up, this popular brewery - One of Medicine Hat’s first - was forced to close.
You’ll have an early 1900’s experience when you are in our brewery where strangers become friends and the little things are celebrated.

But you can’t keep a good thing down. Over a century later, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company name was dusted off and again serves thirsty, hard-working Hatters Timeless Craft Beer.

Hells Basement Brewery

Our brewery’s name was inspired by the stories of Rudyard Kipling’s travels across Canada and his famous quote “This part of the country seems to have all hell for a basement, and the only trap door appears to be in Medicine Hat. And you don’t even think of changing the name of your town. It’s all your own and the only hat of its kind on earth.” – Rudyard Kipling 1907

Six courageous beer lovers from Medicine Hat along with their families, friends, and countless members of the community worked tirelessly for six months to bring quality, craft beer to Medicine Hat.

We take pride in our community, and we’ve worked with a variety of local businesses, tradespeople and artists to make our dream a reality. We’re excited to let you know that we’re now open for business. We can’t wait for you to come in and taste what we’ve created (if you’re over 18 of course). 

Travois Ale Works

Travois Ale Works began as a collective of like-minded people who spend most of their time outdoors... with beers. 

So the first part of the story should probably be the name... TRAVOIS... Travois were used by Great Plains aboriginal bands to haul their stuff. It usually consisted of two long poles with some sort of framework, lashed to the sides of your dog. The poles dragged behind the dog and the frame carried your tipi and food. Dog travois were usually quite small, capable of pulling about 25kg. Later, dogs were replaced by horses, and the increased pulling power allowed tipis to get bigger in size and people to haul more worldly belongings. Early fur trappers trekking through the Canadian West, and even the RCMP, copied the dog travois they saw as an easy and efficient means to haul more stuff. 
As such, travois are an iconic part of Medicine Hat's early history... but what do they have to do with beer?  
Well... not sure really... other than Jacques, our brewer, has a Shiba Inu (that's a breed of dog) that looks a whole lot like the dogs they used to pull travois back in the day... despite being Japanese (the dog, not the travois owners). 

Grit City Distillery

 Medicine Hat's only current distillery!! Creating a variety of flavoured spirits and liqueurs for every mixed drink need! 

Wicked Rose Kombucha

Bringing a different type of brew to the Hat! Wicked Rose Kombucha brews different flavoured kombuchas available for purchase by the cup, bottle or growler. They're also got starter kits and workshops for those who have their own dreams of brewing!