Attiya’s 5 Spots to Hit for a Saturday Well Spent

Posted on : Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Here’s what I’d do to fill up a day off!



Medalta Potteries

The museum is unlike any other! Driving up to the building, you realize just how unique it is and walking through the museum, you might forget that you’re even in one. You are totally immersed in the factory and get to understand a little bit about what the conditions might have been for the factory workers so many years ago. And if you’re lucky, you can get a glance at someone spinning some new pottery, in the same place but under way different conditions than in the past.


Heartwood Cafe

Speaking of unique places, the Heartwood Cafe is a delicious local spot to stop for lunch. You step into Heartwood and it looks and feels as though you’re stepping into your grandmother’s place, with its decor and welcoming vibe. The food is delicious and homemade, making the overall experience feel like you’re at home!


Strathcona Island Park

Take a walk and enjoy the Hat’s beautiful sunny days. Strathcona Island Park offers 5km of walking trails, a playground, a water park, a baseball diamond, barbeque areas and picnic tables. If I’m looking for excitement, Strathcona is the way to go. It is always a bustling place.


Police Point Park

Police Point Park is a quieter spot. Less manicured, full of wildlife, and with an Interpretive Centre which will be carrying a couple of our free-to-borrow bikes over the summer! Walk or bike the trails while you look out for birds, deer and other wildlife, then stop in at the Interpretive Centre to identify some of what you found.

Grit City Distillery

In a city full of amazing breweries, Grit City stands out as the city’s only distillery. They have such a variety of flavoured vodkas, gins, liqueurs and more, that mix to make a great drink for sitting on the deck in the evening sun and relaxing!