Darin’s 4 Favourite Spots for Landscape Photography

Posted on : Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Anyone with a passion for photography or an appreciation for the outdoors will love these beautiful

spots in and around Medicine Hat.



Police Point Park

As you wind through the trails, through the old cottonwood trees, you can listen to birds singing all

around you. Eventually, you’ll make it to some beautiful open views, where you can see both the river, and the cliffs.



Red Rock Coulee

Unique would be the right word to describe Red Rock Coulee. Where else can you find a field full of

giant red boulders? The high vantage point allows you to gaze south across a broad flat

plain and you can easily see the triple-peaks of the Sweetgrass Hills far to the south.


Pro Tip: Watch out for slithering friends, who hide out from the sun under the boulders.



Redcliff Clay Pits

The clay pits are a little taste of the traditional ideal of badlands, right in our backyard. They also offer

views of the river valley for a great mix of both moonscape and lush green all in one view.



Strathcona Island Park

Strathcona Island Park has great vistas along the riverside, as well as close access to beautiful,

winding trails, which will connect you to the nearby Medalta Potteries.


Pro Tip: Make your way towards the river at sunset for a beautiful view.