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THU Nov 14 | 7:30 PM

Pretty Archie

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Pretty Archie’s genuine, heartfelt writing connects listeners with a saltwater perspective on modern living. Their fun loving and at times heartbreaking music finds common ground in the blurred genres of Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Blues. Their unique sound and energetic shows leave listeners with a lasting memory.

While Pretty Archie’s music blurs the lines between multiple genres, all the ingredients of their sound have been nurtured by the setting they grew up in. Even their name was sourced locally – in tribute to a local street musician the band says embodied their own love of playing and performing.

“Sydney’s a small town, so Pretty Archie was the only person we’d ever see with a guitar case open in front of a mall. Yeah, he wasn’t all there and he could barely play, but there was something about him standing out in the cold and rain, playing guitar with a big smile on his face that stuck with us. He passed away over a dozen years ago now, so he’s been gone a while, but when we’re traveling around it’s a little bit of home to carry with us."