Dates & Times:
Aug 17 - Oct 5

MHC's Visual Communication Faculty Biennial


An exhibition by artists of today, who teach the artists of tomorrow. In this Biennial the Esplanade invites the art and design instructors of Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communications Program to show their newest works. Craig Cote presents new prints and Koi Neng Liew ceramic sculpture; Jessica Plattner, Dean Smale and Yulin Wang show oil paintings on board and canvas, while Ian Richmond offers graphic design works. The Biennial Exhibition gives Medicine Hat a taste of these artists’ current creative explorations, their international influences, and the diverse issues and interests underlying their work.

Public Reception with the Artist, Art Walk & Culture Days
FRI Sept 27 | 7 PM

Free Admission | Refreshments | Cash Bar

Live Music by Lyle Rebbeck and Ray Martens