Dates & Times:
Exhibition runs Sep 24 - Nov 23 Closing Reception: Nov 23 from 2-4pm

Touch the Conversation - Fermenting OldNew


The closing reception will be held during Medalta's Heritage Christmas Market - November 23rd from 2-4pm.

Placing large Korean fermentation jars on the historic site where Canadian fermenting crock pots used to be produced has significant meaning for Grace Han, and is something she have been envisioning since she immigrated to Canada. In Korea, these types of jars are called Onggi and people use them for fermentation of foods such as Kimchi and rice wine (Mak-geol-li). When Han was first trained in South Korea, she learned a great deal of unique Korean traditional techniques, including how to make Onggi. Those traditional Korean techniques and culture are deeply embedded in her. Although Han has been living in Canada for almost a decade, the core of her work still comes from that culture. Having these Onggi jars around her growing up, learning the techniques of how to make them, and then actually creating them in her new home here in Canada, becomes a reflection of who she is – traditional vessels made with Canadian resources by using Korean traditional techniques. This New-Old style of work represents the current Han, which feels somewhere in between two cultures.

When audiences enter the installation space, they are surrounded by the sounds of fermentation that was recorded when Korean traditional rice wine was fermenting in these Onggi jars, which were created in a beehive kiln during the residency here at Medalta. Viewers are welcome to touch the vessels as they listen to the sound of the transformation that occurred inside these jars.

Grace Han is a ceramic artist originally trained in Seoul, South Korea. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dankook University where she specialized in traditional Korean Ceramic techniques and skills. She then worked for several years in one of the largest ceramic companies in Korea and built on her ceramics knowledge and experience outside of academia. She immigrated to Canada in 2011 and received her Master of Fine Arts from University of Manitoba. Now she is pursuing her career as a ceramic artist in Canada – her new home.