Dates & Times:
11:30am-2:30pm Race at 1:30pm

The Inaugural Great Clay Race

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Back during WW2, Medalta was as busy as ever creating crocks, bowls, and other items for Canadians everywhere to use, and even the soldiers carried a little piece of Medalta ware – a Sanitas Mug to keep their drinks free of bacteria. Sometimes, if our equipment broke and we could not get the necessary parts in during the tough times, we would have to make do and create the part out of clay. Lo and behold, oftentimes those ceramic parts would end up working BETTER than the real version! What a great innovative way to solve a problem. You can even see some of those ceramic parts on display in our Collectors’ Gallery.

We want to give the creative thinkers of Medicine Hat the same chance to innovate! Can your team create a vehicle that can move from the starting line to the finish line with the items provided? Can it be the fastest, or most creative looking? Can your team get the most sponsors to help them along?

There will be many great prizes for first place, most creative, most money raised and more!