Dates & Times:
Saturday, September 15th @ Medicine Hat College

Gas City Entertainment Expo


This year we have set up a rang of activity's for all ages.   Lots of vendors to check out the latest goods from Comics, toys, crafts, costumes, and 3D printing.   Also we will have a few different contests going on, such as Cosplay (Costume) contest, Smash Bros (video game) Tourney, Zombie hunt, and a couple of scavenger hunts.  We also will have a Silent Action with verity of collectables.   We will have guests from Lethbridge, Calgary, and Saskatoon and they range from Cosplayers to our main guest who is a Voice Actress has done many Anime and other Tv shows as well.

We are also planning for this to be a yearly event so Medicine Hat can have more things to do during the summer.  As this is our third year, and we still rely heavily on donations to ensure that our convention is as fun as possible for our guests.  Our goal is to push it to a two day event instead of the one day event.